Our markets of focus at the moment are Middle East, India and APAC
At Ucon, we place our customers at the centre of everything we do. We specialize in connecting with high level industry leaders, Though Leadership, Unique event experiences and building lifelong communities for positive impacts.
We support all of our clients with the entire process, from registrations, Travel & Visa support, Distributor meetings, arrival and accommodations and all technical support needed to make your participation at our events a success
Ucon stands for U-Con, which is Unique Concepts, Unique conferences, resulting you in Unique Connections. Our vision is to make long lasting relevant connections for all our participants at our events.
We normally start operations and marketing activities for our events 9 month in advanced. For better results we would advise you to start as early as possible and not less than 3 month.
Factors like total attendees count, Industry focus and Sponsors involved in our event decide the location and type of the revenue. We always strive to provide nothing less than a 5-star environment give you ease of access to the city the event is hosted, comfort in access to accommodation and all that you require making your experience a memorable and joyful one.